Self-love is Not Selfish

Fall in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much, but is still standing.

Do something you like.⁠

What are you good at?⁠

What have you loved doing in the past?⁠

Doing an activity you enjoy means you're likely to be good at it.⁠

Achieving something helps beat stress and boost your self-esteem.⁠

Other things to do for yourself:⁠
- Read a book⁠
- Reconnect with someone⁠
- Journal about your feelings⁠
- Rest⁠
- Get creative⁠
- Drink water⁠
- Get back into your hobbies⁠
- Take time off social media⁠
- Compliment someone⁠
- Do something fun ⁠
- Listen to music ⁠



The Spiritully Jewelry Team