Gemstones are a miracle of nature: a miracle that has now been recreated by man.

Spiritully Jewelry is proud to be the pioneer of lab-grown gemstones.

These gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined gems do. We don’t “make” gems. We control the environment so that crystals can grow naturally: recreating the conditions in which gems grow in the earth.

The process of growing gem crystals in a laboratory rather than mining them is a bit like making ice in your freezer instead of finding it in a lake. You place the starter material, water, in a container, and put the container into a controlled environment: your freezer. Create the right conditions of temperature and time and ice crystals will form. The freezer ice will usually be cleaner and more perfect than lake ice because you can carefully control the environment. But it’s still ice, just like the ice that forms in nature. In a way, what we do is a sophisticated high-tech version of freezing water to form ice.

One of the benefits of lab-grown gemstones is that they have less of an impact on the environment than mined gems.

Environmental Impacts

We have always stood behind the notion that our products are merely an alternative and not a substitute. It is up to the consumer to make their choice after weighing their options.

The difficulty in producing lab grown gemstones is not in energy expanded but in brainpower. The chemistry and physics are very complex while the computerization of the process is extremely delicate. Maintaining temperatures and pressures manually is impossible to do accurately and computers are relied on for this purpose. But nobody writes code ware on “how to grow a gemstones"; very talented people must create it. The code ware is not shared with anyone and is a closely guarded part of the process.

An enormous amount of energy is consumed to extract natural gemstones from volcanic pipes. Approximately 10 tons of rock must be extracted and crushed for each carat of natural gemstone rough found. These extractions are so immense they are visible from outer space, open pits spanning miles, all left like scars on the earth.