Amethyst Believe Bracelet

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  • Build your self-confidence everyday with this positive mantra!
  • Raw & natural amethyst crystal.
    • Amethyst is now undeniably established as one of the most powerful and influential gemstones known to man.
    • Healing properties: calmness, recovery & relieves stress.
  • Colors: Stainless Steel Silver, 18K Rose-gold plated
  • Size: Medium, 7"
  • Made in Canada 
    • Shipping to Canada & USA only

Crystals have a super stable energy frequency. They’re made up of a fixed, regularly repeating, perfect geometric pattern of molecules. And they maintain their perfect stability with no effort. Exactly the opposite of our constantly changing, non-stable human nature.

A programmed crystal becomes more powerful, useful, and effective. The purpose of programming a crystal is to focus its energies on a specific goal, intention, or desire.

How to program your crystal:

1. Hold the crystal in your hand & quiet your mind.

2. State your goals, desires & intentions clearly & specifically so your crystal know what to do for you.

3. Share with your crystal your thoughts & emotions about anything you need help with.

Specify exactly what you want your crystals to do for you and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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