Empowerment Azurite Bracelet

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As you wear this piece, remind yourself that you have the strength to succeed.


  • Azurite, also known as the stone of heaven. A highly sought after crystal in the world of gemstones because it enhances creativity, inner wisdom and stimulates intuition. Also helps you express feelings, thoughts and brings compassion and empathy.
  • Perfect spiritual gift idea to score major points with your loved ones. 
  • 14K gold plated
  • Adjustable strings so you don't need to worry about if the bracelet will fit you.

How to program the Azurite stone:

  1. Take a deep breath in and then exhale slowly. Allow any tension in your body to dissipate.
  2. When you are fully relaxed, hold the stone in front of your Third Eye Chakra (just above eye level). 
  3. While focusing on your bracelet and your clear intention, say one of the following or similar words three times out loud or in your head:
" I have the strength to succeed"
"I am worthy"

The power of three is universal as it contains a beginning, middle, and end connecting your mind, body, and spirit. The stone will hold your intention and stay with you throughout the day, even if it’s not on your conscious mind.


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